Thursday, 26 June 2008


Book 4 - Sun Tzu the art of war

Well the book by sun tzu The art of war is quite famous, especially since it gained the reputation in the 1980s for being a buisness book manual. Made famous in the film Wall Street (which is one of the films i actually quite like). Now Sun_Tzu, is obviously not around anymore (if he even existed, which is not entirely clear).


This book was an interesting read. For instance Sun tzu does come up with some good advice, which does sometimes sound like common sense. One example of this is that the best way to win a war is to avoid fighting one, as well as some very good examples of points being made, which were of interest in getting into the eras of the warring states period of chinese history.

However the book in the end did not seem as good as i hoped it would be. Much of the chapters were irrelevant, despite having some interesting quotes and detail examples of interest.

In the end i have given this book the Ak 3 star rating of good. This means that i did find it an interesting book to read, but not one i would say is a must read.

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