Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Book 6 - Revolution By Russell Brand Book Review - Changing minds and Imagining a new world

Well what can I say about this book.  Having read it all, I must admit I enjoyed his seemingly charming could not careless persona.  However reading into it he surprised me with how seriously he took the task of trying to imagine a new britain.  I was not a fan of his to start with but after reading this, I must admit despite a seeming lack of seriousness in planning, he does take on several parts from the way that america runs the world via capitalism and how it can be shown that capitalism effects can pervert your own way of thinking.

Got me thinking about the song Imagine by John Lennon and that is how I take this book, got me to try and imagine what life could be like.

So Russell Brand you have a new Fan, wish you good luck for the future and thanks for an enjoyable book.

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