Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Book 2 - The Audacity Of Hope By Barack Obama

Well now to review a more topical, if more controversial book. The book i will now review is the Audacity of Hope By Barack Obama.

Well i am sure that i do not need to make much introduction of the author, who is running for president of the United States (for those that have been asleep for the last 10 months or so). One reason i got this book was to try and learn more about this person (even if i am not american, the US elections have got me interested in them) But the question remains, was this a good book or not.


Well when i read this book, i was not sure what to expect. After all it was being written by a politician and politics is notorious for self serving people (and i have read political biographies which have not been so good).

However, after reading it i found this book to be refreshingly optimistic. It was an easy book to read, being a mixture of Obama views on politics with opinions about Hurricane katrina, US Iraq policy where he wondered whether he was wrong after celebrations by iraqis in baghdad, to his opinion of President George W Bush when he first met him (which is much different to what you would expect it to be). It also covered a lot of Obama life, from his struggles commuting between Washington DC and Chicago and problems with having a home family life.

In the End i did enjoy this book and it did have an effect of making me more determined to work at making my own life better. Which is why this book will be getting the Ak 5 star rating of excellent.

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